Patient Story: Silke | Tempus

Silke describes her cancer journey from diagnosis through various treatments, including a clinical trial in which Tempus’ TIME Trial Program activated a trial site specifically for her at a clinic closer to home.

Lessons My Patients Taught Me

In the 10th podcast episode, Dr. Elliott Davidson describes how his patients and his beloved sister taught him different ways to beat cancer.

The Onco'Zine Brief

Candid Conversations on Mets, Sex, and Side Effects: a Panel Discussion With Breast Cancer Oncologists, Women’s Health Experts and Patients.

A Bench-to-Bedside Story

You can count on one hand the number of times a young graduate student finds a drug, then the drug is patented, licensed, and in a phase 2 trial within a couple years.

Article in Springer Nature

Lasofoxifene as a potential treatment for therapy-resistant ER-positive metastatic breast cancer.