About Lawrence R. Hoffman, CPA, Esq.


Lawrence R. Hoffman, CPA, Esq. joined Sermonix in 2018 as Chief Financial Officer. He has a track record of creating shareholder value in companies as a senior executive and played a major role in the growth, profitability and eventual sale of three companies including The Liposome Company, Cytogen Corporation and Averion International Inc. He has a diverse background in law, corporate finance and operations and develops successful partnerships with executive teams in public and private companies. Excels in the identification, development, structuring and negotiation of domestic and international business transactions.

Mr. Hoffman has enhanced the value of organizations through the raising of new capital, led companies through the public offering process and guided organizations through strategic transactions into accelerated growth and global market expansion. Experience in building strong finance teams that play an integral role in the day to day management of the company.