About David Portman, MD

Dr. David Portman

David Portman MD, Sermonix CEO and Chief Medical Officer, was a principal investigator for the Phase II and III lasofoxifene trials and a consultant during its drug development. Dr. Portman has experience in all stages of the regulatory approval process and has worked with the FDA on numerous types of pre-approval and approval meetings, advisory committees, and submission and approval considerations. He has worked with the medical, marketing, launch and sales aspects of many products in the women’s healthcare space.

Dr. Portman is a respected Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the field, presented clinical data at national and international conferences, and published dozens of peer-reviewed papers in the field of menopause, VVA, SERMs and sexual health. Before founding Sermonix in 2014, Dr Portman was founder and director of the Columbus Center for Women’s Health Research for 18 years where he conducted over 140 clinical trials in women’s health. He received his BA from Northwestern University and his MD and Obstetric and Gynecology residency from The Ohio State University College of Medicine where he is an adjunct instructor.

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