About Barry Komm, PhD


Barry Komm, PhD joined Sermonix as Chief Scientific Officer in 2017. He transitioned to industry in 1993 with Wyeth and subsequently Pfizer after an academic career at the University of Arizona and University of Pennsylvania. As a leader in Wyeth’s Women’s Health Research Institute, Barry’s laboratory was responsible for the development/characterization of selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), specifically bazedoxifene, which led to pharmacologic evaluation of SERM/estrogen(s) combinations and development of Duavee (CE/BZA).

Throughout his career, Dr. Komm has been an avid supporter of global research elucidating SERM and estrogen mechanism of action, pharmacology, translational medicine and clinical studies and has great familiarity with the entire spectrum of estrogen receptor modulators, including lasofoxifene.

Barry has published over 130 manuscripts plus book chapters covering estrogen action, osteoporosis, SERMs and the combination of estrogens and SERMs, both pre-clinically and clinically.